This international survey aims to understand the experiences of people who live with advanced kidney cancer or advanced liver cancer. It is part of a larger project (the PROMs project) organised by the University of Glasgow and the European Oncology Nursing Society.

If you have a diagnosis of advanced kidney or liver cancer, we’d like you to take part. No matter where you live. The survey will help us better understand your perspective of living with advanced kidney or liver cancer. We will use this information to train health professionals so that they can offer people like you better care that is tailored to your needs. A PROM is used to capture a person's perception of their own health through questionnaires. So, your opinion is key.

The survey will take you around 20 minutes to complete.

We know that finding 20 minutes just for a survey can be tricky. However, you might feel there’s a bit more time for it while waiting at the hospital for your medical appointment, treatment or scan, or while you’re on the bus or train.

Please also note that you don’t have to take the whole survey at once. You could start now, but you can always click ‘Finish later’ at the bottom of your screen, and you can come back to it .

Before you decide, please make sure to read our Participant Information Sheet and Privacy Notice on the next two screens.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to hear from you: research.assistant@cancernurse.eu

Thank you.