Information Statement for Sustainability in Software practices survey


Dr Catherine Happer

Dr Tim Storer


Dear Software practitioner,

I am emailing to ask you to give no more than 10 minutes of your time to complete a quick survey which has been designed as part of a research study conducted by researchers from Sociology and Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. The study will investigate the understanding and perception of sustainability within software practice.

Consent is given by response to the questionnaire.

You are being asked to complete this in your role as a software practitioner. We would like to ask you some questions about your experiences and understanding of the concept of sustainability in the context of your own practice. All data given will be anonymised and you are not required to supply any information that would identify you. You are also free to withdraw your data at any time without giving a reason and without penalty. We offer the option to also take part in a follow up workshop as part of this study but there is no expectation that completing the questionnaire will lead to further involvement.

The findings will be used as the basis for academic publications and/or presentations at conferences. The raw data will be kept on a private repository. An anonymised version of the data collected will be pushed onto a publicly accessible repository prior to any publication to be released.

This study has been reviewed by the College of Science and Engineering Research Ethics Committee, but if you have any other questions or concerns about the research, please contact the College of Science and Engineering Ethics Officer, Dr Julie Williamson at, Please feel free to direct any other questions at this point to the contacts named above. 

Thank you for reading.



The research team: Dr Catherine Happer, Dr Tim Storer, Tiffany Babey